Online dating mastery

Week 5: Rejection (women challenging you, rejecting you, and effecting your self esteem)Often, when man first interacts with a woman, she’ll get nervous and either act uninterested or screen him as she deals with her own anxieties.

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This could be leading a social circle or group, a conversation, a woman by the hand, plans for an evenings, or taking her home. It’s a man’s responsibility to make the experience comfortable.

At the extremes, you only need one of two things to have sex with a woman. If a women has enough attraction, she will take risks that will compromise her safety to have sex with a man.

And lack of touch is one of the most common mistakes that people make when they fail to strengthen their relationships.

Both in friendships, or as someone attempts to progress a relationship into intimacy.

They will affect your business, family, personal, and intimate life in more ways than you can imagine.

In the dating mastery program we drill specifics, and get you accustomed to leading. Week 7: Comfort (helping a woman past her anxieties: safety, sex, acceptance)Women have a lot of anxieties, but they want to have sex.Once these three elements are refined, you will have the confidence to move beyond anxieties and fears of rejection, to start conversations with nearly any person and in nearly any situation.Whether that’s a group or women guarded by an intimidating man, or a person that you previously perceived as being out your dating or social range. Week 2: Starting Conversations (fear of rejection, meeting more desired women, intimidating men)Confidence is attractive.It’s projected through your body language, your voice, and through your choices. At Craft of Charisma we know that the secret to getting what you want, whether it’s a job or dating the type of woman that you fantasize about, is to encourage people to take risks, to gain new positive experiences based upon better strategies, and to change what you think is possible. Encouraging the other person to tell their own stories. And setting up the current interaction to continue at some point in the future.In life, you get what you think you’re worth, not what you want. Week 3: What am I going to say next (getting stuck in your head, not being present in the moment)Once the conversation has begun, you have to know how to progress the communication. The reality is that they’re using a series of tools that differentiate them from the people around them and help to build lasting human connections.The skills I’ve learned in the last 10 weeks have made me a better man. This course isn’t cheap, but will defiantly save you lots of money, time and agony over time!

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