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And, to his delight, this strategy proved hugely successful.

21-year-old Sam Dixey's Tinder profile was spotted by Gracie Barrow, who found his "10/10 effort" charming.

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He's spotted "quite a clear correlation between uploading it and the number of matches/dates that have happened as a result." Barrow says she wishes more people would follow Dixey's example on Tinder.

"Mostly everyone’s Tinder profile is the same, with good pictures of themselves and usually a shit bio, but Sam’s was different and really stood out," she wrote.

He explains how the ‘idealisation’ of both perception and presentation online can facilitate our natural processes of selection, but also suggests that the specific presentational affordances of computer mediated communication may have unforeseen (and likely troublesome) consequences when individuals finally meet.

If your Tinder profile doesn't look like a Power Point slide, you're not doing it right.

Let me ask you, how far would you go to impress someone on an online dating app?

Because let me warn you, the bar is set quite high by this guy! He made an actual presentation about why any girl who came across his profile should go for him!"There's plenty of good looking people on dating apps..really tough to stand out on photos alone.So many profiles mention 'food, travel, family, brunch'", he told .She tweeted screenshots of his profile, and her tweet gained nearly 20K retweets, and 88K likes.Barrow told "I straight away showed my friends because I’d never seen anything like it before! Dixey says his reason for making the presentation stemmed mostly from a "mix of boredom" and "trying to be a little creative." He saw a few similar examples on the internet, and, armed with this inspiration, he and a mate went for it.See, you’ve got to impress the other person with just a bunch of pictures and a couple of lines of your bio.

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