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I thought I'd see her again and I got a text from her hat evening saying she had a good time and wanted to meet again.

Fast forward to a week ago, this same girl liked me back but didn't respond to the message.

At this point I figure if she was gonna either respond or unmatch she would've by now, so I don't know -- do y'all think it would be weird to message her again?

2 million people in this city, and only a couple pages of profiles say "online in the last week." No new messages or being 'liked.' As a platform, it's just totally dead.

No search criteria, just "online in the last week." I used to be able to get tons of people to look through if I selected "no kids," and so on, circa a few years back. If I switch to "online -" longer time span, I start to get more matches, but it's ridiculous. They finally did it, they finally killed the best online dating platform.

I have some slight social anxiety, and I'm really uncomfortable in this situation, but I'm wondering if this is normal and just something I haven't had happen yet?

Would you go and check it out, or send an email declining? I've been out of the dating game for several years, and this is my first month back on a site.To make things tidy, please use this format: Hey everyone, looking for a little feedback on if this is normal and what you would do in my situation.I met a guy on the site and we sent about 8 emails back and forth. He then just messaged back a time and location and said "see you then!If you have ever had an online dating profile that seemed to not attract what you were looking for, then this video is for you.If you have NEVER tried online dating and you are considering setting up your first profile, see this clip first!Went out on a date with a girl, I though the date went really well.

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