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Here are some tips you can follow to make meeting the characters a smooth process.World Showcase also offers unique entertainment, with Epcot®authentic performers from around the world.

To make the most of your time at today is home to two areas — Future World and World Showcase.

The latter is perhaps best known for its international dishes, desserts and drinks.

(Fast Pass window opens 60 days prior to arrival for on-site Disney resort guests and 30 days out for off-site guests.) : 365-Day Return Policy - 95% of the item(s) order amount will be refunded back to you. The 5% fee will cover the delivery, handling and the processing fees associated with accepting payment and fulfilling the order.

The tickets must be unused, unsigned and not damaged.

At Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot, they can meet Mickey, Minnie and other classic Disney characters, but scattered around World Showcase, they will find more obscure characters such as Mary Poppins in World Showcase - United Kingdom and Mulan in China.

There are more "face characters" at than some of the other parks, but don’t be surprised if your little ones are frightened by them or the fur characters, at least at first.After they take your picture, you can have them tap your Magic Band or swipe your park ticket.The pictures can be purchased after your trip online, or you can purchase the Memory Maker package in advance of your trip for even greater savings.offers a few thrill rides and many more experiences to savor and explore.While Future World is focused on technology and innovation, World Showcase explores the taste, sights and sounds of some of the world’s cultures.Please contact our customer service team so we can give you instructions to make the process run smoothly.

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