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Social Clout: 30,636 followers URL: Bragging Rights: Dating workshops James Preece (aka The Dating Guru) has become one of the leading dating experts in the U. through workshops, article posts, radio shows, face-to-face meetings and Skype calls.He has more than eight years experience working for more than 20 different dating companies.

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Brunson is a pioneering matchmaker who has matched more than 3,000 people.

As the author of “It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be),” Brunson has been featured on Dr.

From coaching and matchmaking, to Skype workshops and in-your-face advice, these experts will get you the results you’re looking for.

Bragging Rights: Love personal trainer David Wygant is a self-professed “regular guy” who says you don’t need a Ph. in psychology to be qualified to give dating advice.

His site offers everything from free weekly advice to a live radio show.

Social Clout: 3,640 followers, 2,047 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Business-like approach Known as “The Modern Day Hitch,” Paul C.

Bret Weinstein (@Bret Weinstein) and Heather Heying (Heather EHeying) are husband and wife evolutionary biologists and former professors at Evergreen State College.

He was fired from his position for having the temerity to question the…

Chris Manak runs a five-week course in his native Australia where he helps men break down their fears over talking to women.

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