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Just don't do the great escape to the bathroom, where you sneak out of a backdoor or window (again, true story) never to be seen or heard from again.

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Well, I was so engrossed in the marmot conversation that it wasn’t until I smelled something burning that I realized the straps of my purse had fallen into the fire.

Yep, I set my purse on fire on our very first date.

I gave up on Tinder, because, well, you remember this, right? Honestly, I did not expect much based on the incredibly small dating pool in Bend. Well, lo and behold, I exchanged messages with someone and we agreed to meet for a drink.

I did not have high hopes for this date – if you wonder why, go back and read “The Dating Game;” I have a knack for attracting nuts: men with IBS, technical writers with a marginal (at best) grasp of the English language, and misogynist freaks. We planned to meet at my favorite whiskey bar and I was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of my tall (! We sat outside by the fire pit and ordered some cocktails – it’s really such a lovely bar and seating area outside: Not sure how I feel about being a marmot, but apparently we were 95% compatible…

He travels a lot, so I’m not sure when I’ll see him again, but I’d very much like to and continue to get to know him. I did, however, purchase travel fire extinguishers in preparation for the next date.

He seems very kind (and I say this about people, but he has a really good energy. And that is where this blog post originally ended…I wrote it on Saturday, but it somehow didn’t feel complete.

The bartenders would appreciate not having to pick up broken glass following your trip to the hospital for being an idiot.

The only way to play it cool on a date is to be cool with yourself.

Now, I’m always one to make an impression — good or bad, that part is debatable.

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