Orlando bloom officially dating kate bosworth

Because of that tattoo, Bloom should cover it for another film work.

He also has a tattoo shaped like a sun on the bottom left of his belly.

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However, Bloom proves that he could completely healed and able to walk out of the hospital with her legs 12 days after that.

Bloom first met Kate Bosworth outside a coffee shop.

Bloom has a tattoo bearing the word "nine" in letters elves (fairies) in his right wrist as a sign of his participation in the film The Lord of the Rings.

Reportedly, based on ideas from Bloom, another character actor Fellowship (except John Rhys-Davies) get the same tattoo.

Some time later, he was introduced again on her by a friend.

Then he met again with Kate in the show premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

In conclusion, "No, I've never gone out with Orlando," she said.

As fans well know, Bloom went on to date Kate Bosworth in the early 2000s before marrying Miranda Kerr in 2010 and welcoming son Flynn the next year.

As an environmental activist, Bloom tried to do everything with environmental considerations, such as renovating the house that he bought in London that has a solar panel (solar), to recycle goods and efficient use of electricity.

Not only cares about the environment, Bloom is also concerned about the children.

The two actors were dating until later decided to split up temporarily in 2005.

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