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God, take your time.” Naoko jokes as she sees me approach her.

But that doesn’t matter.” I sigh opening the doors.

“Hey Kaoru, I’m having this huge party at my house!

I see her skip over to me and soon sitting beside me. ” She quizzes lifting my chin up so she could look at me properly.

Like I say, there’s a rainbow around every corner.” Naoko replies smiling at me. But how is anything going to work between us if, one, he’s going out with Haruhi and two, we’re brothers!

“I don’t know Naoko...” I answer uneasy at the thought. And if things don’t work out, we’ll leave and go some place quiet.” She begs once more.

“Come on, with me there, and Hikaru, I finally get a look at the atmosphere between you two.” She pleads.

I might give it a miss.” I yawn sitting next to him. I took this opportunity to entwine my fingers with his.

I smile slightly at the fact his head was on my shoulder. “I’m really tired so I’m going to have a nap.” He yawns again as he makes his way under the blankets.

It feels like my whole world has just collapsed at once.

Ignoring his calls, I leave the room feeling betrayed.

Oh Kaoru, you’re so adorable.” She giggles skipping towards a free couch. I start groaning in annoyance at the fact we had to stay. It’s like I listen to her and Hikaru and only them...

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