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They tend to be pretty philosophical but they allow me to really carve out the noise so that I can focus on the signal of the few things that actually matter.

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All of those things combined saved hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours. This is important whether you’re doing something yourself or doing something with a team of 30 people.

If the objective is to secure interviews and very hard to reach people and then to have successful interviews, you need to have a recipe for that.

I’ve got to ask, because you meet a ton of people, how do you remember everyone, or don’t you? I just remember people were, like, “Oh, you met Tim Ferriss. ” I was, like, “Well, we were all chatting about something and Tim was shoveling granola bars in his mouth, like, as fast as possible.” It was ten or fifteen minutes to midnight, and it was like weird cheat days. So I think having a lot of motivation and then starting is out of sequence a lot of the time.

The first is that recognizing — in many cases — you get motivated after you start, not before you start.

So in my particular case, I used Basecamp and broke that into separate projects so you have 4-Hour Chef site, 4-Hour Chef launch, 4-Hour Chef editing, 4-Hour Chef sidebars, and all those silos have specific teams assigned to them so that all of the files, messages, and everything are in one place.

That is extremely important because e-mail is the mind-killer. Tim: So for the purposes of scheduling, for the purposes of assigning next actions, for the purposes of, let’s say, reviewing design and things of that nature, anything graphic, certainly using tools like Skitch, for editing any type of screen capture using Screen Flow, instead of typing out e-mails. Tim: I don’t remember everyone but there are a few places that, I think, act as really useful pegs for names and faces. Secondly, it is picking your peer group really, really carefully. You just remember how obnoxious we were, so it’s stuck. So it was, like, “I must eat.” It was like one-bite granola bars. So the boldness of taking that further into action, I think, is what’s necessary for someone to see a new — whether it’s hobby, interest, business project, partnership, whatever, as a reality and to get motivated by it.Tim: Yeah, it takes a lot of time, and there are a lot of moving pieces.So I think when you’re dealing with a project, like let’s take the 4-Hour Chef, right? It was much more complex for me to put the other than the 4-Hour Body. But, it’s 672 pages, full color, 1500 photographs — about 20% I took myself.So for me, I think a common misconception is, because I wrote this book called the 4-Hour Workweek, especially if you haven’t read it, that I have an issue with hard work, which is not the case. But, in terms of working hard, I’m all for it, if it’s applied to the right things.

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