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The courses offer a range of topics relating to India, including: Gender in Indian History and Society, c.

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Both centres collaborate on the Oxford-India Health Research Network, an informal network of Oxford researchers collaborating with health research organisations in India.

The George Centre for Healthcare Innovation also collaborates with the Centre for Chronic Disease Control, New Delhi and the Public Health Foundation of India, New Delhi.

The Indian branch of Oxford University Press, established in 1912, has a proud tradition of publishing its own distinguished scholarly list.

Today, Oxford University is a thriving location for the study of India.

When the MSc in Contemporary India launched in 2008, it was the first degree of its kind anywhere in the world.

The nine-month course immerses graduate students in the study of India’s signal achievements and its persistent challenges, at the same time as equipping them to conduct rigorous social science analysis.

It conducts a number of clinical studies in common cancers in India and provides training and fellowships to more than 30 Indian clinicians and scientists, conducting high quality research that will help to reduce death and suffering from cancer in India.

INTERGROWTH-21st is an international consortium researching healthy growth of foetuses and new born babies in eight countries, including India, with its research centre at the INCLEN Trust in New Delhi.

The Indian collections of the Ashmolean Museum are also of international importance.

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