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By the same logic, a vulva couldn't possibly be "meant" for sex, cuz women urinate from there. So, I will have sex with her with a small size strap on, she doesn't deserve the real****just yet..Befriended a guy from Iran some years ago who said this was the normal act between him and girlfriend because she wanted to preserve her virginity for marriage.

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She was of course the opposite, but wanted to remain a 'virgin' for marriage. She would only let me enter her anally and perform oral. She got have her 'sex' and maintain her virgin status while we dated. The delivery can be a bit messy but otherwise it's no different than a vaginal birth, and it's more common than people think. This is a common thing for women that were teen-agers in the 1990's because there was a trend for women to use anal sex as a means of retaining their virginity, avoiding pregnancy, etc.

The one result is that many of these women in their 30's now are more open to thins than more older groups of women.

One of the biggest myths in modern society is that the opposite sex is interested in finding a partner who does not have an ounce of fat on your body too much.

In practice, it appears that body weight is far down on the list of "demands" from a potential partner.

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