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Red Cross spokesman Dave Skutnik said on Twitter that the injuries weren’t serious, but called the damage in Wilkes-Barre Township (which is separate from the city of Wilkes-Barre) “horrific.” W-B Twp likely tornado update – firefighters indicate numerous Mundy St stores with roof & wall failure. Somehow, only hearing about few minor injuries so far. Photos from local news stations showed internal and external damage to the center.Other photos of the area show flipped vehicles and debris-strewn yards.Among the major questions the volume addresses are these: Is acceleration occurring across all sectors of society and all dimensions of life, or is it affecting some more than others?

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Popular as well as scholarly literature includes innumerable assertions that society, history, culture, and even time itself evince substantial evidence of speeding up.

In short, figures as a striking feature of prominent diagnoses of contemporary social development.

While much has been written about our high-speed society in the popular media, serious academic analysis has lagged behind, and what literature there is comes more from Europe than from America.

This collection of essays is a first step toward exposing readers on this side of the Atlantic to the importance of this phenomenon and toward developing some preliminary conceptual categories for better understanding it.

It is an excellently edited collection of interesting essays on an important subject.” “Hartmut Rosa and William Scheuerman have fathered a first-rate set of contributions and produced an excellent collection on an unusual yet deeply important topic. It could serve as a uniquely stimulating text for advanced theory students in the social sciences and humanities.” Hartmut Rosa is Professor of Sociology at the University of Jena and Affiliated Professor of Sociology at the New School University. Scheuerman is Professor of Political Science and Western European Studies at Indiana University. The New Religion-Morality of Speed Filippo Tommaso Marinetti4. Athletes break speed records with frightening regularity.

I know of no other book quite like it.” “Ever since Paul Virilio coined the term ‘dromology’ (the study of speed) in 1977, searching for the meaning of ever speedier change has become a progressively more respectable path of scholarship. Contents List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction Hartmut Rosa and William E. Although the velocities of trains, planes, and cars no longer appear to be increasing by much, traffic planners continue to promise abbreviated travel times.

This anthology of writings dedicated solely to this topic is the first of its kind, and as such has great value, especially for readers who are unfamiliar with the major thinkers to have considered societal celerity seriously. The time that elapses between an earthquake, a new disease, or a novel fashion in New Zealand and my being informed about it is getting shorter every year.

Speed dating and drive-through funerals remind us that even basic life activities appear to be speeding up: fast food, fast learning, fast love.

The editors’ idea is to try to capture the thought, ever more widespread since the eighteenth century, that more and more aspects of our lives—technological, economic, public and political, private and intimate—are speeding up. If true, what are its consequences, for instance, for the quality of individual lives and for the functioning of democratic politics, and for the condition of those marginalized by and excluded from this allegedly accelerating dynamism of modernity?

It is an excellently edited collection of interesting essays on an important subject.” Everywhere, life seems to be speeding up: we talk of “fast food” and “speed dating.” But what does the phenomenon of social acceleration really entail, and how new is it?

The editors of this volume also hope to make a contribution, however modest, to a critical theory of society.

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