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I keep trying to let go so he is not torn between two directions.” Sheri wants to do what is best for her son, yet in some ways she is being penalized for trying to do things right. You never want to back off from doing right in order to have a better relationship with your child.(By the way, this is the pattern that we see in divorce situations—the mom is trying to hold the line firm while the dad lets the kids get away with murder so they will “like him.”) Though it’s very hard advice, I encouraged Sheri to never give up; trust in the Lord and keep praying.You can’t “make it up to them” by letting them use your sympathy for them as a "get out jail free" card that allows them to do whatever they want. One of the biggest impacts of single parenting is the economic impact.

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They are trying to do an already difficult task without all of the resources they need.

(If you know a single parent, go to them and find ways to encourage them.

He refused to run the 100 meter dash in the 1924 Olympics because the qualifying race was held on a Sunday.

Though the 100 was his best event, a few days later Liddell won the gold medal in the 400 meter dash, a race he hadn't prepared to run.

They won’t always know how to ask for the help they need, so take the initiative yourself.) There aren’t any easy answers.

There isn’t a magic verse of Scripture that will fix all your problems.

One of the toughest roles anyone can have in today’s culture is that of a single parent.

It’s hard enough to rear a child, especially a teenager, with two parents; but with one the burdens and pressures and problems multiply. But more than praise for the difficulty of their task, I know from talking to so many of them that they need someone to walk with them and encourage them.

And don't forget to take time to pray and meditate on God's Word on a daily basis.

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