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This is your chance to SELF-REPORT any contact with hazardous materials (i.e.

CLP, CS gas, OC spray if you’ve been pepper sprayed, mold, fumes and smoke from an Afghanistan burn pit, etc.).

So now in order to get a physical copy of your SRB you must go to Marine Online.

(This is a good time to bring up any little ache or pain that you may want documented for VA benefits) The doc will also give you a packet of paper for you to fill out that asks more detailed questions about your health.

Note: This packet will also inform you that you will need to have an up to date Dental exam, Hearing conservation exam (audiogram), and Optometry exam (ONLY if you wear glasses). You will need to bring the paperwork packet with you to these appointments so that they can sign off that you’re healthy enough to EAS.

This information regarding how to smoothly Check Out of your unit and EAS from the marine corps was compiled at Camp Pendleton between February and June of 2012.

Be advised that the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is a Dept of Labor course, and not subject to military orders, etc.

While it CAN be done after TAP class, it is recommended that you do it beforehand.

To make this go as smoothly as possible there are a few things you should make sure you have done.

Step one: Medical: For most of us on this site, our enlistments have been spent getting injured in some way shape or form, and then getting a couple of Motrin from the corpsman and going back to training because going to the BAS is eternally frowned upon. Go to Medical, and get any little ache or pain you may feel documented, this will assist you in applying for VA Disability benefits.

It is not required to document a condition for you to claim it for VA benefits, but it is recommended.

They are asking you to assign a number to your pain, when the fact of the matter is you are either in pain or you are not, so hand out 8s, 9s, and 10s and make them take note.

(This is the advice given to me by the TAP class instructor; I’m not just making this up)Finally, there is a paper that should be in your Medical Record called the “Medical Surveillance Questionnaire” (If it’s not there, you need to get one).

Once you’re done, look through the packet and find the “Memorandum For The Record” and ensure that both the “Medical Officer” and “Dental Officer” lines have been signed.

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