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Departments and colleges must quote salary in one of the following ways (which cannot be used in combination): 1.Quote the whole salary range, consider whether it is necessary to include the discretionary range depending on post type and market rates 2. Go to the Senior Appointments Panel when the actual salary is agreed and if the agreed salary is above the top of the range.

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With effect from 11 January 2018 there is a new exemption from the advertising rules where a researcher has been selected, based on their own research proposal, to fill a supernumerary research position funded by a third party organisation and the funding agreement with the Sponsor includes ‘’.

We understand that this is aimed at advertised Marie Skłodowska-Curie roles.

Departments and colleges should note that a certificate cannot be issued unless all advertisements used to support the Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship application contain the above information.

A certificate cannot be issued where the advertisement quotes a specific start date for the post and the department or college then wants the applicant to start before, or significantly after, the advertised start date.

Please note that if the above conditions are not met the post will need to be re-advertised quoting a salary range.

Please contact the Staff Immigration Team before advertisements are placed if you are considering using the term “competitive salary”.

Departments and colleges who require a Certificate of Sponsorship for a researcher who is named on an externally funded, non-transferrable, research grant for a supernumerary research role do not need to show that they have advertised the post according to Home Office requirements, but instead must provide a copies of the grant application and award letter naming the applicant and confirming their salary, start date and period of funding.

Where the grant covers other funding in addition to the applicant's salary a full breakdown of the funding should be provided clearly showing the salary figures.

The following are acceptable evidence of qualification: The way in which qualifications are quoted in job adverts which may attract individuals who would require a Tier 2 visa should be carefully considered.

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