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I was aware of the fact that I had to take a bus for 2 hours and then take a ferry to the island. To start with, I was on a bus with a group of teenage Filipinos that decided not to respect anyone else by playing their music incredibly loudly while screaming to it and throwing chips on others.

Following the advice of a friend, I ended up taking a Southwest service that organized everything. When we finally reached the port, some local guys tried to carry my suitcases.

Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I was surrounded by so many ignorant people.

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Again, I might be totally subjective, so read the comments (both supporting and disregarding my opinion) under this article to make up your own mind.

But remember how do you feel about 2.1 million tourists – that’s more than 40,000 on an average week, all cramped on a tiny island?

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When I politely declined, they still asked for money and wouldn’t leave me alone unless I gave them something.

I have nothing against tipping, but yelling “Give me a tip now!One of the biggest attractions was an expensive restaurant called Hobbit Place that hired only dwarfs (and call them midgets on their website) as waiters to take photos with while you eat your overpriced burger.Later, I realized that the local Boracay Filipinos don’t really give a damn about visitors at all.When I showed up the next day at 3 pm there was nobody there.I knew Boracay was a place to party, but I thought that I could just enjoy the stunning beach during the day without having to interact with anyone. The moment you step out of the hotel in Boracay, you’re practically under attack.Well, at least this is what you can read in a tourist guide of the Philippines.

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