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In the app, tap anywhere on the screen → Menu icon → . You can check if any of the installed apps is causing the issue on your device by simply rebooting in safe mode and checking for the GPS location in Safe Mode.

If you find the Google Maps works fine in safe mode then of the installed any app is causing the issue.

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Google Maps is most sought and used Android App for location services.

The App has over 1.5 Billion downloads and is also used as an API service by other independent Apps for Food delivery & product availability by using location tracking.

It hijacks my Bluetooth stereo and doesn't auto resume my music, which is very annoying.

Second, landscape takes up too much real estate for information bars.

So, wrong current location can cause issues with the general functioning of the app. Now scroll down and look for the option named Step 6.

Google Maps work in a very simple way by using your network to pin point your device location using a GPS system embedded in your phone. This uses your GPS as well as your Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate your location. Or else scroll down and turn Mock GPS manually OFF.

So, if the google map is not showing the correct location of you or your device (in better terms ) then you may face problem using apps which directly rely on Location based services.

As these apps use current location to pin point you exactly.

This map app is lacking one of the features that Google maps offers, Trip planning.

They can improve this app by adding a way to plan a trip with multiple way points.

Meaning rather than only being able to go from Point A to Point B, you should be able to move from Point A to Point Z and still plan stops at points B, C, between.

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