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Installing a phone line can only be done via Movistar as they are the only company authorised in Spain to install a telephone line.Even if you want to subscribe with another operator, Movistar will send a technician to connect the line.Requests for transfers may be done online at the Movistar website and can be submitted up to two months in advance of the changeover.

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Next, find the name of the friend you want to add and call them.

Once you've explained to them that you're setting up a conference call, press the "merge calls" icon to connect everyone on one call.

Tracking down someone's cell phone number can be difficult, if not impossible.

After all, one of the reasons that people purchase a mobile phone is so they can have some measure of anonymity.

If the cell phone number you are looking for has ever been entered somewhere on the Web – a blog, a public job profile – it will show up and you'll be able to track to whom it belongs to. There are literally hundreds of millions of people who are active on various social networking sites all over the world.

Many people use these social networking sites to share information with each other, and yes, that does include phone numbers.Simply type the person's name into the site's search function and see what comes back.In addition, one of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook, which boasts at the time of this writing more than 500 million members.Mobile phone numbers are kept very private by most people and, since they are not in any kind of published directory (yet), they are next to impossible to track down. Try the tips mentioned in this article, and you just might get lucky.i Phone Android Method Cell Phones and Landlines Community Q&A Have you ever wanted to talk to more than one friend on the phone?The company is an ex-state service and still retains more than 80% of the market share.

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