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It is effective as a whole, and has a pleasing movement of metre and thought.

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The epic poet a fuller poet than the heroic There is much virtue in the touch of the epic poet An epic poet must have poetic versatility Barbour's Bruce .... After the battle Book of Pharsalia, Pompey, completely de- moralised, fled to the sea-coast, and took ship at the mouth of the Peneus for Lesbos, whither he had sent his wife Cornelia.

Aristotle and the theme of an epic poem ^A suitable fable with masterful individuals needed ^n epic poem proper has to do with civilisation The difference between epic and heroic . Medea's heart, at the thought of Jason, leapt in her breast as leaps a ray reflected in perturbed water : — 'Heklov lis ris re S6/io« imiri We Tai aty Kri TTS DEVELOPMENT AND NATURE 45 'TSaros i^aviovca, t6 dii viov iik Xi^trri, 'H^ vov iv 7ou X%r K^xvrai- ij S" iv Ba Kal lv$a 'il Kelji (XTpoipi Xiyyi Tai6over him.') THE LATER ROMAN EPIC 107 historical record does not justify the distinction. In the eighth, ninth, and tenth books the poet tells of the death of Pompey, of Cato's march to Leptis, and of The Eighth Cs Bsar's doings in Egypt.

The language of epic poetry ~^ Epic should have metrical form Poetry and metre . HI Lucan's treatment of his historic subject 113 He used description, as was then the custom 114 Lucan declamatory and oratorical IIS His sincerity and intellectuality 116 His subjection to words . The favourite of fortune was completely cast down by her ruthless desertion of him.

The poet of heroic and the poet of romantic epos Comprehensiveness of epic Epic action ready-made ^^Actors and acting in epic . Heroic poetry treats of man The heroic has an aifinity with the antique ^But must have modernity as well . 103 The Seventh Book 104 The Eighth Book 107 The Ninth Book 109 Caesar at Troy . At any rate, Lucan, who described him in the seventh book as of constant mind in adversity, speaks of him in the eighth as frightened at the rustling of a leaf.

13 CONTENTS PAOE The latter part of the j Eneid 14 Pallas ..... Different conceptions of the heroic 16 The heroic of Virgil's time ir i Eneas a manly warrior 18 His mission ... Lentulus' reply, if not devoid of Lucan's vices, is manly and Roman : — Juvat ire per orbem Ducentem s Eevas Romana in moenia gentes, Signaque ab Euphrate cum Crassis capta sequentera ? Lucan is indignant over the con- ception of such an audacious deed on the part of effeminate Egyptians, and over its execution with the assistance of a degenerate legionary in the .service oi Egypt.

The speech is grandiose in tone, but declines on this humiliating re- commendation. Pompey's death seems to supervene in the narrative rather abruptly.

Cornell University Library The original of tliis book is in tine Cornell University Library. Second Classical Master in the High School of Dundee Author of "Manual of Linguistics" U ne suffit pas, pour connaitre I'^popee d'avoir lu Virgile et Homere. EDINBURGH OLIVER AND BOYD LONDON: SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, HAMILTON, KENT & CO., LIMITED 1900 _^ PREFACE The following pages are meant to exhibit the different national renderings of a variety of poetry that perhaps more than any other has given status to the literature possessing a great specimen of it, and supremacy to the poet of that specimen. The two sons of Pompey give vent to insane expressions, the one of grief, the other of vengeance.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. C59 History of epic poetry (post-Virgilian' 3 1924 027 089 246 A History of Epic Poetry A History of Epic Poetry (POST-VIRGILIAN) BY JOHN CLARK. I have restricted my formal examination of poems to those of the post - Virgilian period. With Lucan enthusiasm and hyperbole are almost identical.

It has been written in panorama, it has been written in periods, it has been written from national standpoints, it has been written with reference to the work of individuals. A., of Dundee High School, for assistance in reading the proof-sheets. Widest definition of epic The beginnings of literature The tribal god and individuality . 'Tis not oracles that give me certitude, but certain death.

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