Postive single dating are burnell and amber from american idol dating

I don't feel that it's marketed very well, especially considering about 50 - 70% of the population has what I have.They need to run some PR and awareness social campaigns or something. I have been using Positive Singles for almost six months and met a few interesting people on here. Recently, I tried to open an account with Positive Singles.

From conversations with multiple women, I have determined this is a scam.

Things I told one person would be repeated from a complete different person.

In order to use this site effectively you need to pay.

You are only allowed to "wink" at someone or post comments on forums.

The Nigerian scammers have got a pretty good grip on it too. They just disappeared after winking conversing and when the next step was meet and greet. Not sure how the others got through but they did so pay for a long membership......

Give it a try Oh free does not give you much and photos did help but I just dont like to keep it posted.- Ugly interface, slow website and the mobile version has issues; brings back only a couple of profiles in "search".It could be so much better, especially if there were more people on there.As soon as my fiance" went on the site, also with "gold" member status to determine what was going on, she also was suspended. I hope we will be able to bring this matter to a legal standpoint as you have clearly violated your own policies & refuse to respond to questions regarding these matters. I was sent a message stating that I was, "required" to contact you. Instead of handling things well, you seem to ignore them. Well, I suppose that the joke is on me, as well as the others here that rely on you to care & honor the honor system. Yah so the 5 star reviews you see are spam I assure you. It is extremely expensive and most profiles are 'dead' once people see what it costs..will not come back since only 'gold members' can talk to each other.Yes, dead profiles, fake winks, people that may not even exist. My fiance' & I have attempted to contact the so called staff at your site for explanations but no one responds. We've called & we've e-mailed your posted contact number as well as your posted e-mail address. I signed up for a month and found many of my potential matches were inactive for over a year.Not really a place to chat online first to see if you want to take the relationship to the next level. I am HIV since 2008 and ' Positive Singles' was the first STD dating site I've been using..good results btw!

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