Premji sued over dating Kingston adult chat rooms

but one thing, in some company there is policy to carry wife if husband is going outstation for more than 06 months. our discussion here is in remification DV Act on productivity.

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Tornado not only will affect the families but it will affect work places also. regards Saab, HRM will be involed in this issue very soon.

At workplace, it happens so gals may make complain under DV Act and HRM will have to play important role to solve such type of issue.

Let there be Gap between Personal and Professional life.

On the other hand Iam worried about the future of our Indian Culture??

Company may loose some important employee due to such cases. If any different idea in ur mind, pls write here for debate. So long this Act will be there you can not prepare any preventive policy.

It is not the question of some but it is question of every man.

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