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“Our thesis is that organizations haven’t deployed end-to-end encryption in their products because it has just been hard to do until now,” Open Whisper Systems founder Moxie Marlinspike told Tech Crunch.“Our hope was that, by developing the technology, designing a protocol from the ground up, and writing the open-source software, that would make it easier and people would actually deploy it. We’re getting to the point where it’s easier and easier.” Although rumors have swirled that Messenger would include end-to-end encryption, several technical kinks needed to be ironed out before Facebook could debut the feature.“Typically when companies try to build their own security and encryption end of things, they’ll find problems sooner rather than later,” Tony Leach, a product manager on Messenger, told Tech Crunch.

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Once the time runs out, the message will vanish from the devices of all users in the conversation.

Facebook released technical details about its implementation of secret conversations in a white paper (PDF).

“These essentially are new types of conversations that we’re building, so a lot of the messaging architecture that we originally built that would automatically fan out your messages to lots of different devices, we had to work around so that we could enable this new device-to-device kind of communication,” Leach said.

“Also we’re used to relying on our servers to act as backups for all your messaging.

Messenger will begin to offer an end-to-end encryption feature to a limited test group of users today.

It’s a security option that’s been a long time coming for Facebook, which has considered making end-to-end encryption available for several months.The so-called “secret conversations” debuted today will be only visible to the sender and the reader, which means Facebook can’t enable some of the chatbot and payment features that are normally a part of the Messenger experience.However, end-to-end encryption boxes out law enforcement and even Facebook itself from reading users’ chats, ensuring that their conversations remain private.“We wanted to make Messenger your primary messaging platform, and while we currently were already using a lot of security to ensure that your messages are safe and confidential, we felt that we needed to go one more extra step with this new mode,” Marcus explained.The combination of end-to-end encryption and a message countdown clock “will truly empower people to have any type of conversation they want to on Messenger,” he added. As people become more and more concerned about security, being the best messaging app means being the most secure.

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