online dating agencies com - Problems with dating black men

Do you look to any of the aforementioned relationship geniuses for legit advice?

Do you have only bad things to say about women who aren’t attracted to you?

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That whole “understanding another person” thing takes a long time — better to make sweeping generalizations about entire races of women rather than see what you might be lacking, because according to everybody, especially relationship geniuses like Steve Harvey, Tyrese, Rev Run, and tweetin-from-my-futon Twitter, women are always the reason relationships aren’t working out.

Don’t worry though — this Black woman is here to help you.

Another day partaking in the internet’s favorite pastime: slandering Black women.

The favorite 0 Kelvin take: Black women hate Black nerds and this is why I, a Black man and nerd, don’t date Black women. Freeze couldn’t hold it without losing a limb to frostbite pops up all the damn time.

Can you only talk about one thing whether I like it or not? So if you sun up on me looking like you couldn’t be bothered to bathe before coming out…

Can you talk to me at all or do we just sit in awkward ass silence heavy as Rock Lee’s training weights? it’s gonna be a no from me dawg because you upsetting me universe, but your date hasn’t kept up with either. Keep talking about something she doesn’t understand and isn’t interested in, or change the subject and figure out what interests you both share?

Here are 7 reasons why you, yes you, sir, aren’t getting the women you want.

First things first: if I ask you to tell me about yourself, what are you going to say? Are we about to spend every day posted up on your couch/futon/pallet in the basement watching basketball? You can’t roll around with a butter knife lineup and expect women to fall at your feet.

Or you meet someone and y’all are great friends but you know it’ll never go beyond that? And as a final word: no one cares about your non-black girlfriend, wife, partner, fiancé, whichever. I promise you, any Black woman who isn’t trash herself is too busy living her own life to stress over why you’re “dating outside your race.” Seriously.

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