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[Edited, 05/██/1962] Due to the subterranean nature, self-ambulatory capabilities, and physical properties of SCP-1179, enforcement of containment has to date proven impossible.

Project Tartarus is charged with continuous research into developing additional practical containment measures for SCP-1179.

Personnel within Area 179 are to restrict their movement to approved areas, due to the geological instability caused by SCP-1179.

Description: SCP-1179 has not been clearly and scientifically observed since May 1962 during Incident CB-1962-██-███.

Its face has vaguely human features, including a long beard, though it has two large horns like those of a ram flanking its face.

SCP-1179 measures over 30 meters from head to toe, with shoulders over 8 meters wide.

The original file description of SCP-1179 is as follows: SCP-1179 appears to be a giant vaguely humanoid figure carved from an unknown volcanic rock.

In one hand, it holds a whip; in the other, a sword.The society kept the sleeping stone giant hidden away, a closely-guarded secret.Though the Molly Maguires were dismantled in the late 1870s, the giant’s guardians managed to escape prosecution.It resembles a carving of the Norse Surtr (the giant guarding the frontier of the Norse fire realm of Múspell).Dating of the stratum encasing SCP-1179 indicates it dates to the Mississippian subperiod of the Carboniferous period, approximately 359.2-318.1 million years ago.Photographic evidence has failed to produce a conclusive image of SCP-1179, due to inexplicable camera feed disruptions, operator panic, and physical destruction of cameras.

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