2 broke girls dating - Pros and cons about interracial dating

For example, when I was growing up the general consensus in the African-American community was that white people were cold, serious and unaffectionate people.However, my husband’s large and raucous Irish-American clan is the biggest group of huggers and kissers I’ve ever known.

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When you are accepting of others, it can sometimes help to make others around you more accepting.

Although the numbers of interracial marriages in the United States have increased steadily since the Supreme Court struck down bans against them in 1967, they are still far from commonplace. When considering all racial combinations, less than 10% of all marriages in the United States today could be considered interracial.

Census Bureau, Black-White marriages have increased from 65,000 in 1970 to 422,000 in 2005.

As an African-American woman who has been twice married, first to a fellow African-American and currently to a Caucasian man, I found the question as to whether there are pros and cons to interracial marriage an interesting one.

The topic of interracial marriage is something that still incites debate.

There are many people that view the topic of interracial marriage from different viewpoints.

Being the “lone white guy” was a new experience for him when he first began attending church with me, for example.

Though he now enjoys the worship services immensely, his responsiveness to situations where his African-American friends might be reluctant to accept an invitation to accompany him to a country and western bar or some other venue where the presence of other African-Americans is unlikely has been greatly increased.

However, as I examine my current relationship I believe that there may, in fact be some definite advantages and disadvantages to interracial pairing.

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