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The irony is that in Thailand sexwork is acknowledged as a big part of the economy, even though many Thai's don't like it.In PI even with GRO's required by law to have the weekly STD tests, supposedly they don't have sex.Angeles City and Pattaya both have much lower crime concerns than Manila or Bangkok and all the adult entertainment is in one much larger area than the various more scattered areas of Bangkok and especially Manila.

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And in a couple cases that is exactly what happened.

I did enjoy some good intimacy for example with one long-term (which is all they do) girl but she didn’t want to show her naked front or have sex, which I respected.

" In Thailand the Tourist Police actually help you, instead of looking for an excuse to get a bribe from you.

Thailand has a much safer feeling on the streets - just don't have an elephant back into you around Nana Plaza.

But not knowing Thai does make any meaningful intelligent girlfriend conversing (verbal intimacy) almost impossible at least for me during my first trip.

Yet I know there are some Thai girls that do speak good English, they are just rarer in Thailand than in PI.n PI I like the fact the "Guest Relationship Officers" (GRO’s) have to be STD tested weekly and tested for HIV monthly.

I found 90% of most bargirls English just has hard to understand as most Thai's. native language they don't pronounce certain vowels.

This makes it just as hard to understand for me than the tonal language of Thai's.

Many men can't take the time or afford to go to both so they were asking my advice.

Before I went to PI, I was faced with the same question of whether I should go to PI or Thailand first.

Many dropped out of school in 6th grade to help their families farm or whatever in their villages.

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