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The opening sketch, which depicted Portland as a city awash in art projects, was delightful and witty, from the concept to the details on the cards associated with each project.From a uniformed officer directing traffic (co-creator, co-writer and director Jonathan Krisel) to a purse-snatcher (his project was called "Meditation on Property") to the bizarre capper of Carrie's mother telling her that she was an art project ("mixed media," including "vagina" and "penis"), the piece built seamlessly. Fred and Carrie run toward each other, seeking reassurance that everything in the city isn't an art project.

Fred, for his part, had to tell Alexandra who Prince is.

Later in the episode, Fred and Carrie are surprised to run into each other attending Alexandra's performance of her (amusingly awful) music at the Waypost, in North Portland.

But finally, Friday's episode, titled "Alexandra," was, for the most part, devoted to Sevigny's character, and her impact on Fred and Carrie.

The best news is that it was the strongest episode yet of Season 3, a clever blend of ongoing story (the Fred-Carrie-Alexandra triangle) and excellent standalone sketches.

Fred is very funny as "Lars," a punk still living at the house, laying on the dated punk attitude.

I especially liked the reveal that "Lars" is an actor the tour guide has helped coached.

But for most of Season 3 of "Portlandia," waiting to see Sevigny get a chance to do something was like waiting for Godot.

All we got were brief glimpses of Sevigny as Alexandra, roommate of the Fred and Carrie characters played by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

Pairing vegan businesses close together is not uncommon in the City of Roses.

Portland’s vegan mini-mall—a group of companies that operate side-by-side including clothing store The Herbivore Clothing Company, bakery Sweet Pea Baking Co., the flagship location of grocery store Food Fight!

Carrie recalls complimenting Alexandra on a shirt Carrie thinks is modeled after Jean Seberg's ensemble in Jean-Luc Godard's French new Wave film, "Breathless" (at least she didn't say "nouvelle vague" -- Carrie is knowledgable, but not full-on pretentious in the manner of so many "Portlandia" characters).

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