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Honestly, I think making resolutions is one BIG step and a very good thing, but the real challenge lies in realizing them, right?! I overhear people saying someone need to brush your teeth and other rude comments. Odessa Darlings.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 134. I need to stay away from the others that dont feel good. I am suffering severe bad smell in my breath due to some problem in intestine. Saigon Darlings.com(Search me:mylene1988 23 Philippines) 133. I know her attitude and I know she is the type that wont be able to shut her mouth; but nevertheless, I treated her as a friend. This certain girl heard of some things from some sources and started spreading baseless rumors about it. If I was the one who ruined my own reputation, fine. I was also able to realize that true friendship is really hard to gain and that relationships, no matter how close the bond is, will snap when bent. Im happy that I have just finished however am sad and I really miss my days in college.

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But I am always there with a smile for my friends and will be there for them to get them though the bad times they are going through. I know how to lower my pride when needed, but this time, I dont think it is the time for that. I dont care as long as I got my true friends with me.

Its good to know that they are there for me to help me top swing down that vine of life. She is the one who spread rumors about me with confirming it first. Well if theres a con in a situation there is always a pro.

I was bleeding and I need her she didnt even take a glimpse on me.

And I go off the rail so crazy and blinded by desire and wanting to dish out revenge against those who screw me in the ground and treat you like youre below a human just for the pleasure of doing it to you!

My life goes so many ways too much darkness and loneliness gets me crazed.

My Crazy Life My life has been a very long and hard life for me.

e Harmony’s design and features are some of the best, and a hefty price-tag comes along with them.

I am a brutally honest person and am looking for that same quality in a person i date.

We are always together, but I doubt if she really a friend to me. At this moment of my doom, I envy my cohorts whose fates are different from mine. Its because their friends pamper them with so much love and care. I still hopeful that one day shell realize my worth. I always do pray that one day LM will open her mind and heart. She may refrain from doing wrong things that could affect her life as a student.

My tears burst and I cried at the top of my voice but shes too dumb to hear me. Those pains lure me to do something against LM but, I simply cant.

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