Pushing up roses dating

Adoptees are sensitive to criticism and have difficulty expressing long-suppressed emotions.They have hair-triggers and lack impulse control, frequently overreacting to minor stresses.

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These partners will collude to keep everything at a superficial level.

Eventually though, they will do what they fear most - abandon them.

It permanently alters everything they were destined for. If their own mother abandoned them, then why won't others? Their trust in adults was shattered when they were most vulnerable.

The idea that their mother loved them so deeply that she gave them away is a confusing paradox.

They employ various distancing techniques to avoid the vulnerability of intimate relationships.

They withdraw and isolate themselves, often acting emotionally absent or completely disinterested, ensuring that the partner feels unloved and assuming that the relationship is decaying.

It is ungrateful and even accusatory to altruistic adopters.

It is insulting to those battling depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other psychological issues associated with adoption.

Some treat it as a celebration of love and connection. It is the annual reminder of singledom and loneliness.

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