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*he attempts to flee the fire, only to be incapped and skid to a halt at Lani's feet*Taka: "Hey guys, I'm still in the building, where are you? " Kaiser, having respawned: "Hey, I found Taka, you guys! While watching Havoc grow as a whole, we've soon come to realization that in order for Havoc to have a future, and for the longevity of the game, there needed to be a change.

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Lowered drop rates for Havoc Keys will also be added into the game, if you get one of these keys you can trade it in for IRL cash Via Paypal, or OSRS gp.

The consideration of Havoc Keys potentially being added to some boss drop tables is also something that can potentially happen.

Lani: You're running around Metropolis one day, then 27 guys who can bench-press a planet just standing there, and Superman has to fight them, and fuck up you whole city. Way to waste an opportunity to expand on a film that desperately needed more time to explore its characters, then completely...well, we'd use the sound of a bowel movement here, but we're classier than that.

It's merely implied, though completely believable, that this cat man can cat man do the job of blowing the planet to smithereens before you can say Cat Loves-- * BOOM*Kirran: "Woo boy, the Resurrection F arc!

On top of it being the only OSRS server to have complete fully functional Pre-Eoc additives, the game will be much more enjoyable to play instead of how it currently is where you run out of things to do in just a few days time.

In-game money will hold it's value much better, and when you PK someone you will actually be rewarded with loot that is worth something instead of pointless kills.

This is the current prize structure: Greetings Havoc community members!

Another patch today, apologies for the quick succession between patches, we had two weeks of work lined up and were not planning on having to delay the initial update however due to unforeseen issues with our website that was not the case. Some requested Qo L, Pv P improvements and as always bug fixes this week.

Quickly realizing that not only are the majority of you guys not PKing, but there isn't enough content in a PKing server that makes the game enjoyable, and worthwhile to play.

With this change, there will be much more aspects to the game giving it a substantial boost of in-game things to be done.

I'd like to personally thank everyone who has supported us through this tedious change in administration and the re-release of Havoc.

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