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Here’s a list of places that are very queer friendly, not only in terms of people hanging out there but also for the activities organized, the mood and the ambience. A hideaway in a small corner near the motorway in the surroundings of Surasak BTS, the cozy JAM bar offers a vast agenda of queer activities not only regarding sexuality, but also in terms of weird and underground sounds, art, and video.

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What made me perplexed is that with the numbers of queer Thai and foreign girls who are living and passing through Bangkok, there were no spots to meet up – at least visible to the general public – in any place in Bangkok.

The same question could be addressed also if there was a lesbian club, I mean, is a lesbian bar actually a spot where you usually meet quality people?

It’s not a mystery the fact that if you look for girls who like girls and having great fun, a lesbian bar is probably not the place where you want to hang out regularly…at least not all the time and not with all your friends, right?

A few years ago there was one, solitary bar at RCA called Zeta Club where only girls were allowed to enter – but it closed, same as all the other lesbian-only clubs in the city.

Who can deny that Thailand has a really good chance to become one of the Asian hubs for the LGBTQ community?

Thailand has one of the highest number of transgender women in all Asia, plus the tourists coming for the sake of this community, are continuously increasing.

More info and map Called the Babylon of the gay scene in Bangkok, DJ Station is the disco your gay buds want to land at at the weekend and where you want to go to shake your ass off till late!

Upon entering you get two, and I repeat two, free drinks and the possibility to dance among gorgeous half naked Adonis, lit by green lasers in a huge space spanning two floors.

You might well be the only girl in the club, but the fun is guaranteed and if you spot another girl, it’s highly possible she is a queer fella.

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