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Very little pre-1941 information still meets the criteria for continued classification.

Only very specific information dating from before 1942 controlled by the National Security Agency regarding signals intelligence, by the United States Secret Service regarding the protection of the President, and by the U. Mint concerning the gold bullion depository at Fort Knox remains classified.

Until they are ready for transmittal to ISOO, the records should be locked in a safe, filing cabinet, or other secure area. Postal Service express or registered mail or government courier service.

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The minutes of an interagency meeting, for example, can contain the equities of several agencies.

Declassifying such a document requires the review and concurrence of all equity-holding agencies.

If an archives or a library has not received Federal approval to store classified materials, continuing to store the records in an unapproved area could be endangering national security.

In these instances, the institution should contact the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) at the National Archives and arrange for these records to be securely stored.

For this reason, the Code of Federal Regulations designates the Director of ISOO as the point of contact for classified information in the custody of private organizations or individuals. If ISOO determines that the records provided require declassification review by equity-holding agencies, a non-governmental repository will be encouraged to file a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) request.

Section 2001.36, “Classified information in the custody of private organizations or individuals,” of 32 Code of Federal Regulations (C. The request should come in the form of a formal letter to the Director of ISOO explaining that the institution is filing an MDR for those records furnished to ISOO for temporary custody.Declassification is a determination that information would no longer damage national security if released, and no longer warrants withholding from the public.The issue of multiple equities complicates the declassification process.This information paper will help you recognize classified material in your collection and deal with it in the right way.Classified national security information is information created or received by an agency of the federal government or a government contractor that would damage national security if improperly released.Archivists in universities and colleges, research institutions, state archives, and historical societies frequently uncover these records and are unsure—even afraid—of how to handle them.

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