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Also, the teacher will need to assemble the five different bead bags and place them in various locations around the classroom.The amount of each type of bead for each bag is found in the directions on the website. Each team shares their data from the activity worksheets.

This is not to be confused with the statistical probability of the change in the population over time as demonstrated with an individual group's data during the M&Ms activity.

Note that the average of all of the groups' data more closely resembles the statistical probability of the change over time not the individual group's data.

This lesson is geared to help take the "mystery" out of scientific dating of rocks and fossils.

Engagement Have students work in groups of 2-3 per group.

Pacing/Suggested Time: Three class periods (approximately 45-50 minutes for each period).

Radioactive Dating Assessment Worksheet The activity worksheets need to be created by the teacher with information based off of the websites.

Using a graph that relates percentages of parent isotope levels to number of half-lives students will determine the approximate age of the fossil.

Example data set: Potassium-40 = 12 isotopes Argon-40 = 88 isotopes Half-life = 1.25 billion years Answer: Using the graph from the Exploration activity, this radioactive isotope has undergone three half-lives thus making the fossil (1.25 * 3 =) 5.25 billion years old.

Stress the fact radioactive decay is not random and is highly predictable based upon past empirical data.

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