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A hugely classy ensemble—but the studio wanted to make sure that there was also some youth appeal and pushed for River.

The film received generally positive, if not effusive, reviews.

Rita Kempley in called it an “entertaining time-waster,” describing River’s performance as “sweetly underwhelming.”Ultimately, for all its twists, turns, and reverses, the picture feels thin and formulaic.

In a selection from Wednesday nights became theme nights at the Viper Room, called Mr. One Wednesday might be “Women in Prison” night, with the V. These elaborate evenings were money losers but fun for the club staff.) to be the bachelor.

Richmond wrote some questions for his brother to read to his romantic prospects, but when David attempted the first one, he laughed so hard, he couldn’t get the words out. When Reedus’s choice was revealed, “even though it was all in jest, you could see her vulnerability.

The two-year development deal with Island had been going on for roughly four years; the label wanted to see if their investment had paid off.

A&R rep Kim Buie engaged top-flight producer T-Bone Burnett (Elvis Costello, Los Lobos), and River went into the studio to record two songs with Greenbaum, Rain, and close pal Michael “Flea” Balzary of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“I think Aykroyd was a very good influence on his life,” Dobson said. but then realize they have the black-box Mac Guffin and, hence, the upper hand.

Drake said that there were multiple interventions by River’s friends about his drinking and drug abuse, but none of them had any effect: “River had a strong passion and love of sensation, whether it was watching a full moon or tossing some pints.” is not without charm—in a climactic scene, the principals are being held at gunpoint by the N. They start making demands before they hand it over.

Redford’s character obtains a promise that the federal government will leave him alone, while Aykroyd’s gets a fully kitted Winnebago.

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