Ralph fiennes and kristin scott thomas dating

She talks to Ryan Gilbey For someone who wouldn't drop her guard if her life depended on it, Kristin Scott Thomas is fun to be around.

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"I can tell you about shooting it," she offers helpfully. The Walker, written and directed by Paul Schrader, is something to be proud of.

Then she gets very defensive: "There's not much point me talking about what the film is anyway, because I have nothing to do with that. They really should've set up a screening for me." Phew. Hers is a supporting part - the picture really belongs to Woody Harrelson as a gay "walker", or escort, to politicians' wives in Washington DC.

Tuesday, February 7th, marked the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens, and as a result, the author is one of the hottest properties around at the moment.

Among the many Dickens related projects in the works, the coming year will bring two star-laden versions of “Great Expectations,” one an excellent BBC TV miniseries with Ray Winstone and Gillian Anderson (watch the trailer below, courtesy of Time), the other a Mike Newell film with Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham-Carter and “War Horse” star Jeremy Irvine.

This ran from the moment she landed her first film role straight out of drama school.

She had toiled so hard to get there in the first place - after leaving London's Central School of Speech and Drama, where she was not allowed to switch from teaching to acting, she gained weight and fought depression, then worked as an au pair in Paris before her employer encouraged her to apply for the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre. I wanted to have another child, anyway, so I told everyone I was taking a year off." Her agents warned her that if she stopped working, she would be forgotten by Hollywood when she returned. It's so brutal." Then she hisses wickedly: "I love it!

I'm just the raw material." And finally, a dash of ebullience: "What did you think of the film? But, as Lynn Lockner, one of these pet socialites, who draws him deeper into her life when her lover is murdered, Scott Thomas captures the sadness and sense of waste in a vibrant woman worn down by years of being ignored by her senator husband.

"Lynn is frustrated that she has become an accessory," she explains.

She responds by arching an eyebrow and booming theatrically: "What dooo you mean?

" Well, there was the interesting but obscure stage.

But with the start of production sneaking up, Fiennes has bitten the bullet, and Screen Daily has announced that he will, after all, star in the film as well as directing, just as he did with “Coriolanus.” To be honest, it makes sense as he’s a strong casting for the part, and we’re surprised it’s taken him this long to commit.

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