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This phase of development isn’t necessarily who a person is but more where they are at with themselves.Of course we all lack self-awareness regarding some aspects of ourselves, so a person’s attitude to self-understanding and change is paramount to their relationship fitness.People who are generous with money or give it easily sometimes can be manipulated if they’re not careful.

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Put that on the flag you carry and go out and have some fun!

[image: via shutterstock] Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet?

Also, as you become sexually active, take heed to a partner who won’t use birth control or condoms.

Sexual coercion and intimate partner abuse are more common every day.

Of course, opposites attract but can they stay together? Inviting this person into your life holds a pre-requisite of extraordinary communication and boundary skills.

I’ve always loved a good debate or someone who loves adventure, but there is a fine line between a person who is interesting, passionate, and will take a risk with care or a person who needs to participate in high risk behavior continually in order to feel the rush of life. People Who Seek Conflict: A person who seeks conflict oftentimes sees the world through a personal lens. Wouldn’t it be nice if on the dating site it could say: Communications 101 and 201 needed to take this course.

The biggest red flag in this arena is someone who will justify their cheating or blame it on their previous partner.

Incompatibility flags, on the other hand, are when your date holds views and values that don’t align with your own.

Understanding the way a person has related to their life experiences and how they’ve been supported in coping can give you indications of how they are likely to be in a relationship with you. To do this, you must be willing to recognize the subtle communications we all make as we meet and begin to get acquainted.

The alternative to change is to accept people as you are receiving them in the moment. Danger Zone flags in this context are or have the potential to be literally life threatening.

Incompatibility flags are the anti-namaste experience. listen to the intuitive voice that will speak to you the very information you need.

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