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For these individuals, and for the entire Calvinist-Arminian conversation, this Reformed Arminian stream of thought offers fruitful possibilities.Do you find a majority of Reformed evangelicals unacquainted with the writings of Arminius?

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Do you think much popular-level evangelical Arminianism more closely reflects the beliefs of Wesley or the Holiness movement than of Arminius? Unfortunately, most popular Arminianism is semi-Pelagian, closer to Finney than Wesley.

Even though Wesley is further from Reformed theology than we would be, he wasn’t as far as Finney and much of the Holiness movement as it developed in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Wesley rejected a full-orbed penal substitutionary atonement and the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to the believer.

He taught believers could lose their salvation over and over again through impenitence.

But to my Calvinist friends, I always explain that these rites aren’t as weird as they might at first seem to those unfamiliar with them.

In fact, they’re found in the books of worship of most denominations, whether Protestant, Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox.

A growing number of evangelicals fit a unique profile in the Calvinist-Arminian conversation: They see Scripture as not supporting a traditional Calvinistic view of predestination, grace, and human freedom.

Yet they with most Arminians’ rejection of the Reformed doctrines of total depravity, penal substitutionary atonement, the imputation of Christ’s righteousness of Christ in justification, and progressive (as opposed to entire) sanctification.

What are the major differences between Wesleyan Arminian theology and Reformed Arminian theology?

Reformed Arminian soteriology diverges from Wesleyan and Holiness models of Arminianism by embracing the more Reformed categories of Arminius.

Your college is associated with the Free Will Baptists. Historically, in addition to the above emphases, the Free Will Baptists have had slight differences with most other Baptists on the doctrine of the church.

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