statistics on online dating services - Regular expression for validating email address in c

The number of websites that try reject my email address with a in it, ugh!

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Note that it only tests against “[email protected]” style addresses, not those and “mailbox” specs (Display Name ”.

$” This expression is the result of setting the “Validation” preset in the app, and pasted as one string.

The first big hurtle was the claim that the spec used recursion, and thus no regular expression could ever meet it.

Well, it turns out that only comments embedded within an email can be nested, and whoever saw a comment in an email address!

What really got me interested in this was the inconsistency of the expressions, the lack of traceability to the relevant specs, and even the opportunity to fix a known failure (as if I could even read the expression)!

Then, while trying to find a URL validator, I tripped on a site created by Jeff Roberson, who constructed a complicated URL validator by using the relevant RFC, then developing a small regular expression snippet for each of the components, then finally assembling the final full-featured expression. So early in 2013 I set out to develop a totally standards compliant regular expression.

Since the beginnig of my work experience with i OS (2010) I need to validate email format and I always used the solution proposed by Matt Gallagher in the 2009: solution is simple:use with a regular expression based on a comlete verification of RFC 2822.

Matt Gallagher created the Objective-C version of a previous solution that you can find here.

In the end I had to incorporate information relating to the specification of IPV6 addresses (complex!

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