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“They are mingling with each other and speaking words a little bit more than usual.It’s very un-Seattle like.” That may bode well for The League, which caters to folks with impressive educational backgrounds and those who have demanding jobs — the booming tech industry in Seattle certainly has no shortage of that.“I think there’s a lot of really incredible people who might not fit the mold that I think the app is selecting for.

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Attendees of the Seattle launch party were well aware of the app’s dubious reputation.

“The elitism kind of annoys me,” said Zach Leonardi, a marketing professional for Expedia.

The crowd was surprisingly diverse — although everyone we met was a college-educated working professional, a wide range of interests, ethnicities, and sexual orientations was represented.

We also enjoyed our conversations — people were nice and didn’t really give off an “elitist” vibe.

“We get the impression that there are lots of transplants looking to meet new people,” said Brianna Haag, head of events for The League.

“People in Seattle are ready for something like The League.” But Prosser said that the changes in Seattle can make dating tough, with people moving in and out so much and new businesses coming and going.

The most popular apps that came up were Bumble and Tinder.

“Dating apps are the only way to meet people here,” said Paul Gambill, an entrepreneur starting a business to explore ways to incentivize people to reduce their carbon emissions. I’ve been using them for about four or five years and things have gone up and down but for the most part, it seems like everyone flakes.” The League uses the hashtag #Get Me Off Tinder to advertise its service, which serves up only a handful of curated potential matches to users each day.

Single people in Seattle aren’t satisfied with dating apps, but use them anyway. The League, as Geek Wire reported last week, is a technology-powered dating service that uses a highly-selective admissions-based model to screen potential users.

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