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But in some cases, people prefer to keep their marital affair a secret rather than disclosing it to other.We are talking about Anna Katherine Popplewell, well-known as Anna Popplewell.No matter how long one wanders off from his or her ideal partner, love still has a way of bringing them back together, all things being equal.

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Her film debut followed in the 1999 film Her acting career has seen a total of 6 nominations for different awards while she has won 2 of those nominations.

In the year 2006, she won two awards; one as Best Actress and the other as Best Performance in cast both in Character and Morality Entertainment Awards for her role in In relationships, for everyone, there is a right person who you will feel complete with despite the deficiencies innate in one.

However, the relationships she had with these two wasn’t strong enough to have had her marry either of them She married her longtime boyfriend Sam Caird after ending her second relationship.

The couple got married on the 14th day of May 2016 in a private wedding ceremony that was held in London.

Let’s us hope never to hear anything like that sooner or later.

Before hooking up and hitching with Sam Caird, Anna was in relation with quite few people.

They haven’t planned for babies yet, let’s hope they do it soon.

Also we did not find any divorce rumours or any disputes between them till date.

She is one of the popular British actresses who married Sam Caird but did not share information about him to the world.

Now, let’s hop into the info that Anna tried to hide from us! The pair organized marriage ceremony in London, where they invited some close friends and relatives only.

Although there is no solid proof, some wiki sites confirm the boy to be Rollo Weeks who came to limelight after debut in ‘The Little Vampire.’ The second man in her life is William Moseley, the co-actor of her hit series The Chronicles of Narnia.

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