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What works for one girl may not work so well for another.Click the Menu button on each page to change sound options, start over, or to Save or Load a game.Quickly pick off the marked enemies surrounding Pegorino, and then take out the car full of enemies that arrives shortly after.

His friend Jimmy Pegorino is looking for someone to work for him.

Stop by Pegorino's mansion in Westdyke, Algonquin wearing a smart suit and smart shoes to accept a mission from him.

As you surely noticed on your way in, there are quite a few cops in the hospital, so trying to make a run for it probably isn't your best bet.

You'll have to fight your way out, and in this case a Shotgun will serve you well in the narrow corridor.

Drive Pegorino back to his place to complete the mission. The Pavanos are headed to a meeting, so start following them there.

Don't drive too closely behind them because they'll be able to fire at your vehicle that way.Everyone in Ray's party is armed and will fire at you in unison, which can result in an exceptionally quick death.For this reason, make the first strike a lethal one.Make your way to the nearby hospital in Leftwood and enter unarmed.Enter the changing room, which is next to the ER reception desk, and change into doctor's scrubs.Fight your way to the car you used to drive in and take off.

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