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You were bullied at school and abused by your alcoholic father.

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We are honoured to provide a safe and comforting environment for you to share your feelings and be accepted. By participating in our site, you acknowledge that we are not therapists, and you will not use this as a substitute for professional advice.

There was a time where you used to love working at the Avengers tower. Nick quickly promoted you to work along side agent Sharon Carter. You found out that she often worked with training the Avengers and informing Nick Fury of the progress. " Steve said rushing to your side helping you sit up. He grunted as his hips snapped faster and his trusts went harder.

This community serves to contact and exchange of experiences among peers, especially for Berliners and their guests!

As if the last two episodes of Bones coming up wasn't stressful enough, we have still been having chat room issues.

Let's see if these 'people' can help... Until the fabled Creepypastas had been caught and sent there. A woman rescued me but she died in a tragic accident.

When you were five, your mother died making your father go crazy. Y/n works at the Vells Asylum (I made it up: P), and she'd at least expect a few Jokers (Batman) to show, but no such luck…

*Cover made by jumpingapples * I shake out of fear and despair, watching as my captor knelt down in front of me. The mask on his face hid all his emotions behind it. Currently has: Slenderman, BEN Drowned, Jeff The Killer, Eyeless Jack, Dr. Hello everyone, i made AU' S Undertale Fanfiction beside Creepypasta Fanfiction. For some reason, she decided to stay longer than planned...

His gloved hand reaches out to me, gently caressing my cheek. You had no family who would vouch for you, only an alcoholic grief-stricken woman who you called ' Mom'. Y/N makes a mistake by accidentaly killing someone. What you find in your new room at the Creepypasta Mansion will lead you on an adventure with some possibly unlikely people through some dark places, both physical and mental. But as she moved, she was forced to stay with a couple ( three to be exact ) of people, until she could get her own apartment. I sit and try to catch my breath as I mumbled words to myself as a way to keep myself calm. It's sinful for one of these creatures to fall in love with their victims, especially two that compete with each other. I do requests, and I also have the freedom to write whatever I want. Here are the fandoms I'm most familiar with; Undertale, Resident Evil, Marble Hornets and Creepypasta, Doki Doki Literature Club, Dexter and D&P.[Various Creepypasta X FEM! Story] You merely scoffed at the assumption, clicking your tongue in annoyance.

We are DID-friendly; alters (whether adults or "littles") are welcome here. No matter how, where, when it happened or by whom, we are here to help you. Congratulations on your first steps toward healing. Survivors Chat - Working together and moving forward **If you are in a crisis situation** Please see our resources. We are just fellow survivors of abuse and other trauma who are trying to create a safe place here.

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