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Plus, the beauty of technology ensures that it’s no different for me to work with them whether they’re in the US or UK.For me, putting the client experience at the heart of everything we do is key.

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At the end of 2016, though, I secured funding to hire developers to create a bespoke online booking platform that allows our clients to book and pay for their shoot online and then log in after the shoot to view and download their images.

The photographers also access the platform to create their profiles, add their availability and upload the images.

It came to me that all those experiences could actually come in useful.

I’d spent eight years doing online dating and had a lot of fun with it until meeting my partner online.

My aim is to build a brand which helps people start enjoying a better online dating experience and everything we do is about that.

We’re not simply selling photo shoots, we’re creating an experience that will improve people’s love lives. I’ve had lots of great things happen since launching the business like appearing in Time magazine’s blog, shooting Martin Parr for his auto portrait series, getting coverage on the home page of the BBC, being invited as a regular speaker at the Women of the World festival, winning awards, launching in New York City.

We help hundreds of single people across the UK and New York City find love online by creating a stand-out set of dating photos to use on their online dating profiles.

Back in 2013 when I decided to quit my job and set up a photography business, I was reading a business book called Screw Work Lets Play, which encourages you to look at your life experiences along with your passions to find your business idea sweet spot.

I think the reason for this is that I only hire people that I genuinely like and trust.

In all my interactions with them, I’m usually thinking to myself, “how can I make them happy in this situation? Happy photographers make me happy and create happy clients.

She looks like she’s having a lot of fun with life and the achievements just keep mounting up. Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest from Business Advice.

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