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Taken in another context, it can be said to be attracting.

I am one of the many Russians living in Istanbul and this article is generated from some of my personal experiences.

Despite the fact that Turkish women are silent while in public, everybody knows who the boss at home is.

On the other hand, Russian women are born with the genetic impression of working.

This is not really a stereotype but a life experience.

Women in Turkey are treated with respect as every woman is considered a potential mother which is very valuable.

It is hard to state facts proving this but from the general attitude during the everyday experiences, one can understand.

An example can be in a stranger giving up his seat for a woman with kids on a metro.

A woman with a baby was going through the checks before me.

The lady police office was very nice and charming towards her, making small talk with her and the baby.

Being neighbours, these countries have developed many common traits although plenty of differences still […]Turkey and Russia are a like a couple, fighting and making peace time and again.

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