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And against the context of the hysteria surrounding athletes such as Lance Armstrong, and the sexual addiction plaguing Tiger Woods, the resignation of our media doesn't match.

Andre Agassi recently admitted to doing drugs (crystal meth) in his biography, it was a big deal, and it should be. Beard wrote in her auto biography In the Water They Can’t See You Cry that she would only get along with Neethling when she was using drugs.

After giving birth to a son in 2009, Beard began training again, but failed to make the 2012 Olympic team.

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Amanda Beard gave up her amateur athletic status in 2001, which allowed her to receive sponsorships and endorsement deals.

She was successful, but even after appearing as a model in several publications, including .

None have raised an eyebrow or even pondered the 'what ifs'.

Instead, if anything, The Star goes even further to ingratiate themselves with our hero, providing a caption to the Ryk picture with the words, "Drug Free", as though this were already an established fact. It is also interesting to compare the mildness of the fuss (this story instantly fizzled) of one of South Africa's most famous athletes to the brouhaha surrounding Hansie Cronje - for something as exotic, but boring, as matchfixing in India.

The Heat article goes on to say that Ryk had "no comment" to respond to the article, and quotes a few friends close to Ryk saying "this doesn't sound like Ryk..." and making similar broad, insubstantial, and otherwise nonsense statements.

Let's not forget the longevity of the Hansie saga, something many of us can still remember clearly (and painfully).

These are charismatic champions that we admire, but it turns out, some of those fairy tales are very far from perfect at times. This, upon closer scrutiny, is a very odd thing to say.

In other words, for her, she wasn't taking the drugs just for the enjoyment, but to attempt to enable a dysfunctional relationship. And further, what was Ryk's motive in using drugs with Amanda Beard (if indeed he did)?

Beard went to three more Olympic Games (in 2000, 20), winning a total of seven Olympic medals.

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