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As in all episodes of , the other shoe drops and truths are slowly and painfully revealed, but what follows is an unlikely reversal of fortune for one of our leading ladies.

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The one detail we do learn about Samantha's pre-reclusive life is that she and Dom were high school classmates — a discovery made during Dom's visit to Carson City from his new home base in Los Angeles.

While Samantha gathers more fodder for her online identity, she and Dom develop a relationship that pays clear homage to 's Laura and Gentleman Caller — though Samantha's fragility is expressed through acerbic humor rather than crippling anxiety (perhaps if Laura had lived in the 21st century she would have shifted her focus from glass figurines to online chat rooms).

Dreadlock-clad Jessicka was the center of all the hype and attention that Jack Off Jill received. In late December 1994, Jessicka spent a night in jail when she and Manson were arrested after a concert in Jacksonville, Florida after being accused by the town's Christian Coalition for breaking the town's adult entertainment codes. Though Jessicka's onstage behavior was often labeled as shocking, she's never claimed to be a shock rocker.

She delivered her vocals in an angelic to banshee-like voice and performed on-stage antics dressed in Goth or kinderwhore attire, that included stripping young men on stage while the band and crowd taunted the exposed fans, as well as writing the word cunt on her body, slicing her arms on-stage with a razor and covering the audience with multi colored spit, candy, and her own blood. It did not help that after a four year relationship, then boyfriend Jeordie White, began to mimic Jessicka's dress and appearance, making critics' comparisons draw even closer.

Over the next 15 years Fodera would be involved in such bands as Jack Off Jill, Mrs.

Scabtree, Honey to Ash, Messy, and more currently, Scarling.

And if so, what kind of love — particularly after they cross the boundary of platonic friendship.

These are interesting questions to chew on, but not necessarily ones that require tangible examples to understand the extent of their repercussions — particularly in this day and age where it's the norm to juggle several Internet profiles.

"Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew ).

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