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It's now headed by Maja Marinkovic, another pediatric endocrinologist at Rady.

Since the opening of the gender clinic more than 80 transgender youth in the San Diego region have been patients. Newfield says they see more biological females who identify as male than the other way around, but this is not necessarily indicative of the transgender community as a whole.

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"I felt like I was wrong and broken, so I would shower with the lights off and change with my eyes closed because I couldn't look in the mirror." He also had panic attacks.

"Everything started freaking me out, not necessarily about gender, but I just had this weird, awful fear of loneliness." Since he started hormone therapy at the Gender Management Clinic at Rady Children's Hospital, all that has changed.

That means boys born female can interrupt the development of breasts and stop menstruation.

Girls born male can stop the growth of facial hair.

"I remember thinking it was weird and confusing that I couldn't pee standing up like my dad," he says now. He began the lifelong hormone therapy of biweekly testosterone injections that will transition his body from female to male.

To mark the occasion, the family is throwing Ari a "Boythday" party hosted this Saturday at the Scripps Ranch home Ari shares with his mother and two siblings, Maia, 17, and Elijah, 11.

The clinic's youngest patient is six years old, though hormone therapy does not begin until much later, after the child has undergone a thorough psychological evaluation and has started puberty.

The benefit of starting hormone therapy at a young age is that early treatment can halt puberty.

"I worked in hospital Emergency Rooms for many years and spent the first part of my life in Israel," says Edit.

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