vine dating - Sap error while updating the classification data

You can record a transaction by disabling Batch Input mode during recording.

sap error while updating the classification data-61

This is a special batch input screen that is presented by SAP recorder for mass maintenance of characteristics value which works for value assignment interdependent of your SAP logon language.

As you can see, left column is for characteristic (ID) and right column is it’s for value (ID).

BAPI solution particularly has performance advantages while GUI Scripting technology could allow you to maintain characteristics in normal mode (however, recording via GUI Scripting could be challenging for a complex screen with lot of input data variation).

Process Runner can easily handle Classification and Characteristics creation and maintenance.

If user attempts to maintain values as they would normally do, SAP may throw an error message similar to screenshot below.

SAP batch input recorder offers a different screen than what you normally see.

Diverse selection and design possibilities offer everyone their desired view, be it maintenance managers, planners or employees.

As well as this, it offers numerous possibilities to identify long-running jobs and to present ma-chine downtime in the form of numbers and graphs.

In this document we show step by step how to work with Classification and Characteristic values.

Shown below in fig.4 is the screen displayed during recording.

As you can see, it looks different from normal screen.

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