Sarah ferguson dating prince andrew

Will Sarah Ferguson be invited to the Queen’s Christmas?

A source told the Daily Star Online that while Sarah Ferguson may be nearby the royal family at Christmas, she does not stay at Sandringham.

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Fans were especially curious about the status of their relationship following a very intimate snap shared on Fergie's Instagram account.

'Great day with the family,' the Duchess of York wrote.

Come 2013, Queen Elizabeth shockingly invited Fergie — who had often been plagued with controversy and negative headlines in the years since her divorce — to stay at the royal family's summer home, Balmoral Castle, in Scotland.

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She was also a close friend of the late Princess Diana, mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, and was introduced to her former husband by Diana.

Though the pair has now divorced they remained close, and the Duchess’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are seventh and eighth in line to the British throne. The red-haired Duchess has been the focus of various scandals and media frenzies during her life after she found fame when she married the Queen’s son Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.Sarah Ferguson is the Duchess of York, and her daughters and princesses and the Queen's granddaughters.Now that the royal baby of Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 35, has been born, Prince Andrew has dropped from sixth place to seventh place in the line of succession.This means he is able to marry whomever he chooses without the consent of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, 92, whose husband, Prince Philip, 96, has a feud with Sarah Ferguson.The pair recently drew comparisons to this historical meeting, once again reuniting at the Royal Ascot just last week.

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