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The Scottish Chapel Royal was now used only for occasional state visits, as when Charles I returned in 1633 to be crowned, bringing many musicians from the English Chapel Royal for the service, and it began to fall into disrepair.

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Scottish church music from the later Middle Ages was increasingly influenced by continental developments, with figures like 13th-century musical theorist Simon Tailler studying in Paris, before returned to Scotland where he introduced several reforms of church music.

The captivity of James I in England from 1406 to 1423, where he earned a reputation as a poet and composer, may have led him to take English and continental styles and musicians back to the Scottish court on his release.

Celtic rock developed as a variant of British folk rock by Scottish groups including the JSD Band and Spencer's Feat.

Five Hand Reel, who combined Irish and Scottish personnel, emerged as the most successful exponents of the style.

Burgundian and English influences were probably reinforced when Henry VII's daughter Margaret Tudor married James IV in 1503. A talented lute player, he introduced French chansons and consorts of viols to his court and was patron to composers such as David Peebles (c. The return from France of James V's daughter, Mary, Queen of Scots in 1561, renewed the Scottish court as a centre of musical patronage and performance.

The Queen played the lute, virginals and (unlike her father) was a fine singer.There will be no change to the rights and status of EU citizens living in the UK until 2021.You and your family can apply for ‘settled status’ to continue living in the UK after June 2021. After World War II traditional music in Scotland was marginalised, but remained a living tradition.This marginal status was changed by individuals including Alan Lomax, Hamish Henderson and Peter Kennedy, through collecting, publications, recordings and radio programmes.From the late 1970s the attendance at, and numbers of, folk clubs began to decrease, as new musical and social trends began to dominate.

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